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Rogers International Commodities Index®

Rogers International Commodities Index

Traders interested in tracking commodity markets can look to the Rogers International Commodity Index®  and the sub indices. According to the web site:, the Rogers International Commodity Index® (the “RICI”) is a composite, U.S. dollar-based, total return index created by James Beeland Rogers, Jr. (“Rogers”) in the late 1990s. The RICI® was designed to meet the need for consistent investing in a broad based international vehicle; it represents the value of a basket of commodities consumed in the global economy, ranging from agricultural to energy to metal products. The value of this basket is tracked via futures contracts on 36 different exchange-traded physical commodities, quoted in four currencies, listed on eleven exchanges in five countries.

Four pages are installed. The first page is a quote page and the three remaining pages are charts.

Requires the RICI exchange enablement.

Download PAC:

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